Arona Jones

Developer - Science Enthusiast - Writer

Self-styled Eccentric Gentleman. I'm passionate about science and writing, especially writing about science.


The BrassGoggledCoders

The BrassGoggledCoders are an international team of hobbyist coders developing Minecraft Mods. Members, or previous members, have hailed from all over - Ohio to Hertfordshire, Hong Kong to Romania. As the name suggests, the flagship theme of the BrassGoggledCoders is steampunk. The team was established in approximately 2013. In 2017 the BGC became a 'subteam' of TeamAcronymCoders, led by Lanse505, although retaining overall independence.

Other projects


My first serious foray into non-Minecraft based code. An experimentation in automation, mostly focused on a Discord Bot currently. The intention is to allow a uniform automation experience across multiple platforms, for myself and others.


Executive Editor of Engineering and Technology at Young Scientist's Journal (2016/2017)

Young Scientist's Journal is unique in its field, the only peer-reviewed science journal run by young scientists, aged 12-20, for young scientists. As Executive Editor of Engineering and Technology I report directly to the Managing Editor and have overall responsibility for all Engineering and Technology articles submitted.

Senior Editor of Science and Technology at The Network (2015-2017)

As a founding member of The Network (Herts and Essex High School's online newspaper) I created and continue to oversee the Science and Technology section. Most articles are of my own devising, from aphantasia to global warming.

'Transhumanist Tendencies' - Personal Writings

I've had a personal blog in one form or another for years. I began with a simple google blog collating works of others, and now I produce content of my own, hosted on A mixture of short fiction stories, science articles and occasional philosophising can be found there.

Works of Fiction

As aformentioned I have dabbled in short story writing. I also took part in National Novel Writing Month 2016, writing just a tad over 50,000 words in three weeks. That project is far from complete, but I hope it will develop into a fully-fledged novel - which I in turn hope will be the first of many.

Third-party stuff I recommend

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